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Experience art from diverse genres that will draw you in, leave you entertained, engaged, and ignited. We hope you walk away feeling seen, connected, and inspired to create more dope moments on your own!

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FRIDAY, JUNE 10  |  6-9PM

Performances by:

Dennis Amadeus

Poetry Performance

Dennis Amadeus is a nationally traveled spoken word artist, community organizer and youth advocate. He has been a Tampa representative in 2 National Poetry Slam competitions (one team and one as an individual) and 5 Southern Fried Southeast Regional competitions (team).

He is a member of the international poetry collective Black on Black Rhyme and on the leadership team for Heard Em Say Youth Arts Collective. He is the co-founder of The Speak Tank, a nationally registered poetry workshop and slam series in Tampa FL, and continues to bring spoken word and poetry to underserved youth in schools, juvenile detention centers and group homes. 

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ZenChristian Davis

Poetry Performance

Residing in Tampa, Florida, ZenChristian Davis is a Black fiction writer turned poet,  author, mixed-media artist, potter, fiber artist, and overall storyteller in many forms. A writer since childhood, her work has slowly transformed from a world solely rooted in imagination into one immersed in metaphor, self-discovery, and self reflection.

In 2028, ZenChristian self published her first book ” The Burned House Resurrects,” and and has had various poems featured in literary journals. Now she is the Workshop Director at Heard Em Say Youth Arts Collective and Poetry Editor at ta Cordella press. (Pronouns: She, her)

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Meisha + Keesha Brundridge

Poetry Performance

Miesha Brundridge is STUDIO 620 Poetry showcase curator, author of “A Beautiful Disaster” (found on Amazon & Miesha is 35 years old and has been writing since middle school in the 90s, raised in Lakeland, FL, a very conservative town. Her poetry discusses thoughts about love, time, family, community, and world issues. Miesha has published poems such as “Being a Butterfly” in the International Poetry Society in 2003 and currently writes her poetry in St. Petersburg’s first art and poetry magazine called, Neptune.

Keesha Brundridge (King) was born on January 27,1987 with an
identical twin. I have been performing since my younger days at church and dance. I have always been in the art and performing world. I started to play piano in elementary and have been surrounded by the performance world since then. It is an honor to play one of the main fairies in the Shakespeare Midsummer Night’s Dream play with director Bob Devine.

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Marvin + Melvin Coleman

Stage Performance

Marvin and Melvin Coleman, the brothers who founded Inkwell Pictures is a multimedia production company launched in January 2015 by GodBlessed Entertainment in 2001. Inkwell Pictures also encompasses Soulchild Entertainment, the stage production company founded in 2005 by Melvin Coleman, which has released such hit stage productions as IF HE ONLY KNEW, GOLD DIGGERS, MAN OF GOD, and BIG GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO. Together, Soulchild Entertainment and Inkwell Pictures have released a broad range of mainstream, genre and specialty films.
Inkwell Pictures is also active in television and internet production. The company is currently in pre-production for its new hit web series  Fade To Black and the 2nd season of the sitcom “Man Cave”. Also in the works are the 2nd season of Mocha Brown’s Coffee Lounge, My Life Interrupted, Black Book, and The Fallen and the Faithful.
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Meiko Seymour

Live Podcast Guest

Having served in various capacities over the years in full time ministry, marketing, communications, consulting, and business strategies, Meiko has extensive experience combining his talents to see whole organizations and people rise to be the best that they can be. As a thought leader, Meiko seeks creative ways to solve everyday challenges and builds teams to implement and execute those strategies. He’s written two eBooks centered around the betterment of maximizing your day’s potential and is a student of best practices from all sectors of life.

Never unwilling to engage in discussions around equity and social justice, Meiko has his eye fixated on those who are unseen and marginalized. While seeking solutions, you will typically find a cup of coffee in his hand and a constant desire to be at a beach. He loves his city St. Petersburg, FL and is committed to ensuring the sun shines on all of its residents.

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Jomil Bell + Keith Marcel

Live Podcast Hosts

The American Griot is hosted by Jomil Bell and Keith Marcel. This podcast is about releasing the burden of Black trauma and embracing creative ways to heal and recharge. On it, you will hear stories from American Griots that affirm, inspire, liberate, and restore us.

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Sun Dé

Musical Performance

Sun Dé is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who experiments with a fusion of jazz, r&b, funk + soul music, improvising and crafting unique arrangements of her songs each time she plays.

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Lisa Thierry

Live Art Creation

Artist, Lisa Thierry, is a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and veteran of the United States Air Force currently doing the best she can.

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Our Partners:

Living by Intention

Food Vendor

Alexis Ré is a multi-disciplinary artist, high end event curator and the founder of Living by Intention. Her mission in life is to bring together powerful thought leaders to have meaningful conversations and to experience life changing transformation so we can all work towards a more sustainable future. She loves to do this through high end retreats, luxury events, and bringing people together with food and music while providing mastermind topics to stimulate the conversation in a direction that benefits not only those present, but the communities and environments of those who show up to learn and take action. 

Enjoy the flavors she brings to An Anthology of Voices and stay connected to cocreate in all other areas she’s proficient in. 
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Nilla Green


Nilla Green is a music producer, artist, and DJ hailing from Germany and based in Tampa, FL. While he doesn’t stick to one specific genre, Nilla Green mainly produces and dj’s Hip Hop, RnB, Pop, Electronic/Remixes, Island/Afro, and Latin. He cites his main musical influences as Jay-Z, deadmau5, Diplo, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Daft Punk and many more.
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Jay Noetic

Sound Production

Jay Noetic was born in Frankfurt Germany but was raised in Tappahannock, Virginia as a child. He moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of twenty one and remained there for the next ten years. He now resides in St. Petersburg, Florida where he continues to help people find their happiness. He’s an ex certified personal trainer and a aspiring Life coach.

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The Studio@620


The Studio@620 is the brainchild of Artistic Directors David Ellis and Bob Devin Jones, along with a host of hard-working board members, volunteers, patrons, and visionaries. The idea grew out of a core belief that art and diversity play a crucial role in the lives of individuals and communities.
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