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Bonus: Juneteenth Love

Episode Summary

In honor of our Freedom Day aka Jubilee Day, Juneteenth, we have a fun bonus episode to share! We sat down with Hillary Vee: Co-founder of the Green Book of Tampa Bay, host of Podcast Pedagogy, Diversity & Inclusion practitioner, and a volunteer leader for Outdoor Afro.

Join us for some good laughs and a lot of Black joy! And make sure to stay subscribed so you don’t miss our upcoming launch of Season 2.

Episode Recap

What is Juneteenth

  • St. Pete Proclamation for a county-wide holiday
  • Rallying around this moment in time to celebrate our freedom
  • Free-ish

Showing Up in All the Ways

  • Translate into Action
  • Ways to Release Burdens
  • Celebrating Black Joy
  • Supporting Black Business
  • Getting Out into Nature
  • Yoga
  • Growing & Nurturing Plants/Gardening
  • Hunting & Fishing
    • Being mindful of what we’re putting in our body is an act of personal healing

Breaking Down Mind Drama to Try New Things 

  • Alternative ways to heal
  • Embracing Uncomfortability
  • Sharing is Caring

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