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Episode 10: The 5R Method

Episode Summary

In the last episode, we challenged the ideas we hold about what it means to be successful. And we really encouraged you to get curious about whether your definition still serves you. In this episode, we break down our 5R Method. It’s the process we’ve used personally and with our clients to redefine success for ourselves. This is the step by step guide that helps us to move beyond our limitations and manifest success in ways that are meaningful and fulfilling.

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> Drake and Trey said it best when they said, “I just wanna be successful” in their official video. I feel like this is the goal everyone is reaching for. The key is learning how to define it for yourself so you don’t get caught in the trap. The 5R Method we share tells you exactly how to do that!

> Aaliyah and Timberlake’s “Try Again” reminds us that it’s not about getting it right on the first try, but it’s about dusting yourself off and never giving up on the pursuit. 

> What’s the 5R Method? This is the proven approach we’ve used to redefine success, release the burden of trauma, and execute in ways that are inspired and on purpose.

Step 1: Ready – Be Ready to See the Truth

Step 2: Reframe – Reframe the Way You Harness Emotion

Step 3: Reflect – Get 100% Real with Honest Self-Reflection

Step 4: Remove – Remove Things and Thoughts That No Longer Serve You  

Step 5: Reprogram – Reprogram Your Mind 

>Many people are often hijacked by the rigidity of their minds. And when our perception becomes too limiting, we get stuck, unable to flow in a way that brings balance and peace into our lives. I mentioned this Taoism video called “Be Like Water in the episode because it gives some great insight to the way we could benefit from seeing success differently.

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