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Episode 11: Call and Response

Episode Summary

Hey Tribe! So many of you gave a lot of really great feedback on 5R! @meisha.b.1101 said “Gurley girl…I have to apologize for not following sooner! Because baby listen, episode 10 got me ready to shout at work!!! THANK YOU!!”

No, @meisha.b.1101, thank YOU!! We heard you loud and clear. So this episode is dedicated to our tribe. The 5R Method gave you all something to think about, offering new perspectives and practical tools to build the successful lives you’re working so hard for. It also caused many of you to reflect and come up with more questions you want answered. So, in this episode, we’ll be responding to some of the comments questions from the American Griot tribe!

If you want to join the conversation, head over to @theamericangriot now and send us a DM. Thanks everyone! Let’s dive in.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

> American Griot Wale, ft. Kelly Price in “Sue Me”, said what we all are thinking right now, “Sue me; I’m rooting for everybody that’s Black!” We all should be rooting for each other. But know this, Keith and I are always rooting for you even if it feels like no one else is! Oh, and if you haven’t already seen the official video, you HAVE to check it out!

> American Griot Rapsody, winner of BET’s Lyricist of the Year Award, is the coldest female rapper of this generation! #YeaISaidIt. In addition to “Nobody”, her catalog is too long and too dope to ignore. If you don’t know her already, do like Radio Rahiem said and “Wake-Up!” 

> Our Black American stories have been told through our American Griot musicians for generations. We are so grateful for the ones who’ve come before us, like Hip Hop legend, Notorious B.I.G. who influenced the culture and made the world listen to Black stories. As American Griots, we pass on these stories to our next generation. So, to our young griots in training, we remind them that “Sky’s the Limit”!

> We mentioned that “happiness” comes with false promises, bought and sold like a commodity. This article breaks down why western societies like America may be doing more harm than good when it comes to avoiding negative emotion.

> No matter what trauma we go through, it offers something we can grow through. I love how Jazmine Russell tells her story and how healing from her trauma helped her to redefine happiness and see it in a more meaningful way! 

> What’s the 5R Method? This is the proven approach we’ve used to redefine success, release the burden of trauma, and execute in ways that are inspired and on purpose.

Step 1: Ready – Be Ready to See the Truth

Step 2: Reframe – Reframe the Way You Harness Emotion

Step 3: Reflect – Get 100% Real with Honest Self-Reflection

Step 4: Remove – Remove Things and Thoughts That No Longer Serve You  

Step 5: Reprogram – Reprogram Your Mind 

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