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Episode 2: BTS: Black Traumatic Stress

Episode Summary

BTS… Black Traumatic Stress! Yea, we said it. We’re going there. In this episode, we break down the misconceptions around stress, trauma and the undeniable impact they have in shaping our stories. We explore the various definitions of trauma, our unique experiences with it as Black people, and then dive into the ways we personally navigate the daily microaggressions that trigger stress in our lives.

Here is a preview of the lessons we share in this episode:

Lesson #1: Stress is something that prevents you from functioning in the way you used to. It’s a chronic disruption of connectedness; impacting how you experience and embrace the world around you.

Lesson #2: Contrary to popular belief, we all have choices in how we process and move through stress. Your very first step is mindfulness. Pay attention to how you presently respond to stress so that you can determine whether those responses still serve you and if they are habits you want to continue.

Lesson #3: We have to give ourselves permission to feel because there are no bad feelings; and all of them are necessary to our evolution as humans. When we develop our emotional toolbox, we can equip ourselves to cope with and overcome trauma.

Lesson #4: We discuss the paradigm shift from “dis-order” to “response” because we are not broken just because our stories carry trauma in them.

Lesson #5: The things you see in your relationships that you want to change are often the things you need to change within yourself. Our internal reality creates our outer form.

Lesson #6: Handle yourself with compassion and patience as you open yourself up to your story so that you can fully experience and appreciate the odyssey that is your life.

You’re going to walk away with so much inspiration and insight from this episode.

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