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Episode 5: How to Find Your Passion

Episode Summary

Today, we’re talking about how to find your purpose. Many people struggle with this either because they are burned out and just don’t have the energy to think about it. Others simply don’t know where to start. We have an amazing guest, Dr. Tammi Green, who shares her story about how to find and fight for your purpose. In surviving the heartbreaking loss of her mother, she gained the courage and clarity she needed to chase her true passion and build her legacy in ways she had never imagined before.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

> Today’s intro featured “Roses” by Meagan McNeal. Check her Greatness out on IG @meaganmcneal or download this amazing piece from her site.

> Nicole Williams’ article, S/o to The Griots was featured in our Gratitude Jar! Read the full piece on her blog, Dancing Over 30 and find more of her amazing stories and life lessons for how to live your life without losing your passion!

> Climbing Poetree does the type of poetry that makes you reconsider your entire LIFE! They have been writing, speaking, and changing lives for almost 20 years. You have to check them out at or on IG @climbingpoetree.

> Dr. Tammi Green, our featured interview dropped so much knowledge and inspiration, it’s ridiculous. Follow her work and access her support either by going to any of these places: FB: Get Fit Sis // Youtube: Get Fit Sis // Website:

> Ready for a reboot or want to some 1-on-1 coaching to get unstuck and find your passion? Register for a complimentary session with Jomil. Go to to register.

> Do you want to turn your passion into profit? Let Keith show you how with the New Business Start-up Kit. Contact Keith by going to: