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Episode 7: Surviving 2020

Episode Summary

We’re back ya’ll! We missed you so much! We’re sorry for the long break, but it was necessary and in this episode, we catch you up as to why. Being Black in America in 2020 has been a whole trip! This episode is about seeing all that we’ve survived and finding the stories that give us hope and healing so we can continue pressing forward. Finding those stories doesn’t only mean focusing on the ones that make us “feel good”, but rather, opening ourselves up to the full complexity of our whole story and deciding what we’re going to make it mean for ourselves.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

> Chris Webber gives his insight on the real life responses that Black people are having to trauma as a result of the “COVID bubble” and the constant televisation of Black killings.

> Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had a lot more to say in his last speech than what has been commonly promoted. He reminds us of our right to protest for right!

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