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Episode 8: Voting While Black

Episode Summary

Why do we vote? Does our vote really count? Is voter suppression really still a thing? These are all questions we’ve heard over the last few months. During a time like this, when we are less than 30 days out from a historic and critical election, we dedicate this episode to answering them and many more. We break down an easy to understand timeline of the Black voting experience, pitfalls to look out for as you prepare to vote this November, and we help to clear up a lot of confusion that can leave voters feeling stuck or unsure of how to protect their vote. We’re going to share a ton of resources to help you navigate the mess and make sure you are able to make your sacred vote count!

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Links mentioned in this episode:

> Representative John Lewis was a Veteran Georgia Congressman who was a dedicated career pioneer in the Civil Rights in Movement in America. He tells his first hand experience at the 2012 Democratic Convention. Our stories have a lot to teach us because they remind us of what to look for as we continue on our journey for growth and innovating. 

>  is a one stop shop voting resource that allows you to check your registration, request your ballot, and research the candidates and amendments on your ballot. If you plan to early vote, but want to confirm your early voting dates and polling location, go here →

> RollingStone magazine interviewed Spike Lee, Public Enemy and Branford Marsalis as they reflected on the relevance and impact that ‘Do The Right Thing’ still has 25 years later.

> Nurture Your Divine Spirit with 12 Spiritual Tools and Practice This week we reflected on the therapeutic and impactful nature of the spiritual tool, Social Action. It looks different for everyone, but we all have a voice that matters. We invite you to explore your most authentic and meaningful ways to keep showing up. 

> The Running Anthropologist is a podcast dedicated to exploring the culture of running and movement as therapy and is hosted by our good friends, Mark & Meghan Lane-Holbert. They are showing up for the practice of social action by dedicating a “5k A Day” run to the lives of those who we’ve lost in 2020. Each day during the month of October, they will be requesting names and dedicating a day of running to meditate on the lives of those loved ones as a way to reflect on how they might embody change as a running community. We will be running (Jomil will be bike riding) in honor of her father, Milton Wells, on Oct 30th! Join us in the spirit or offer your own name to the list here →

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